Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Beyond programming and theory: Academics cover large-scale product development.

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Get Set for Top Technology Jobs

Technological advances continue to rely heavily on software to deliver the functionality that has become an integral part of modern lifestyles. The possibilities for software engineers are endless. Software engineering students at the University of Arizona are learning to develop the technology for:

  • Advancing economies
  • Keeping nations safe
  • Building smart cities
  • Automating manufacturing
  • Treating and curing diseases
  • Exploring and commanding space

The University of Arizona’s Software Engineering degree programs are housed in the Systems & Industrial Engineering Department. They are offered at the Tucson, Yuma and Chandler campuses, as well as online. Courses cover all aspects of large-scale software development design, evaluation and maintenance of multifaceted systems.

By the Numbers

# 1

tech job in U.S.
(U.S. News & World Report)

$ 110,000 +

median salary
(Bureau of Labor Statistics)

100 %

students doing software design
(in UA program)

Real-World Experience

“The internal access control system I worked on helped a large tech company make tangible changes to its engineering processes.”

- Richardo Alonso, Larez Snap Inc. intern