Help Where You Need It Most

The College’s top priority is to help you succeed. Here you will find information about academic advisers, degree plans, policies and procedures, course registration and tutoring.

Academic Adviser

The Software Engineering undergraduate adviser assists students with questions about what classes to take, when to take them and how to pass them.

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Juliana Lincoln

Undergraduate Advisor


Office hours

By appointment only through Trellis Advise. Schedule an appointment.

Please arrive for appointments with your academic advisement report in hand. To download a copy of your report, visit UAccess Student Center.

  • Click on the My Academics tab
  • Choose “View my advisement report”
  • Click on “View Report as PDF” to print

Academic Resources

The advised course sequence for a BS in Software Engineering is available through the College of Engineering’s four-year degree plans.

See the College of Engineering’s Policies and Procedures for answers to common academic questions.

Declare or change your major by following these instructions from the college.

UA Engineering Academic Advising provides contact information for all college undergraduate advisers.

Tutoring and Study Groups

Whether vector calculus is harder than you thought it would be, or you’re just stuck on a Physics 141 problem, the College of Engineering’s tutoring and study groups can help. With weekly sessions, all-day study-a-thons, test reviews and prep sessions for finals, these services help you make the grade.